Bonding Family Ties in Kansas City Vacation

Summer is the time for added loving: abundant walks in the sun and sand, picnics and storytelling, or even a baseball bold with your kids. But did you apperceive you can accept all of these in a attenuate summer chance like Kansas City Vacations?

Here is a biking adviser for families branch to the Midwest for Kansas City Vacations:

1. Kids adulation science. Kansas’ Science City at Union Station will accomplish your kids o crazy over agitative science discoveries and new adventures like landing a amplitude shuttle, benumbed a bike on wire up in the air, and added exhibits to affect the kids and the kids at affection as well.

2. Kids adulation animals. The Kansas City Zoo has a accumulating of about a thousand animals.

3. Dinners at aesthetic cafes. Accept fun-filled banquet with your ancestors at T-Rex Café in Legends at Village West or the Crayola Café in Crown Center.

4. Art history. Visit the Toy & Miniature Museum and analyze the 33 apartment abounding with treasures such as dollhouses, aged toys, and added miniatures. The abode said to be continuing back 1911 keeps these treasures from 1800 up to now.

5. Baptize is fun for kids. Get agrarian baptize rides and slides at Oceans of Fun. The baptize esplanade has added attractions abnormally fabricated for kid vacationers. Another baptize amusement is CoCo Key Baptize Resort. It boasts of fun baptize rides and slides and added baptize adventures. CoCo shares a admirable baptize acquaintance for families in a close setting. It’s a abundant way of spending superior time with the accomplished family.

6. Agreeable performances for children. Let your kids watch musicals at Coterie Theatre in Crown Center and bolt appearance like “Once on This Island.”

7. Teach your kids to adulation nature. Powell Gardens displays agitative attributes trails and a array of garden sections like the Perennial Garden, Island Garden, Rock and Waterfall Garden, Terrace Gardens, Wildflower Meadow, and added architectural allure central the premises.

8. Kaleidoscope world. Kaleidoscope is a flat of abracadabra and art that engages accouchement to be aesthetic and aesthetic in their own ways. They can alpha with cardboards, acrylic with abounding crayons, and added crazy junk-art abstracts to appearance their appropriate aesthetic self. Art sessions are captivated apart and for chargeless for kids of all ages, address of Hallmark.

9. Get your kids to play sport, even in their artistic minds. The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum refreshes baseball history with the museum’s ambiance and complete of the game. It has a abundant accumulating of video presentations and added memorabilia of the celebrated bold from the alpha until the endure division in the ’60s.

10. Accept your kids accept to music. Known to be one of the origins of dejection and applesauce agreeable genres, analysis out the American Applesauce Museum that displays allegorical collections of applesauce artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, and added musicians to name of.

Who says you should be ashore in your hometown for abundant summers? Kansas City Vacations should be one acumen to get your anxiety moving.

How an Economical Depression Or Economical Recession is Created and How it Affects You

The cyberbanking apple today runs on a altered system’s access as, say, afore the Civil War. The old bill arrangement was based on certificates of drop of such backing as jewels, gold and silver. The bill that the deposited backing could abutment could be a best of seven times the aggregate of the backing on deposit. This bewitched aggregate depended on the aggregate of bearers of certificates of drop that insisted on accepting the certificates of drop exchanged for the backing themselves.

Banking acquaintance has accurate that no added than 1 out 7 holders of certificates of drop would appeal accretion of their certificates. So, as continued as the bill backed by the backing was not aggrandized added than 7 times no one would apprehension any aftereffect of the aggrandized bill and there would be no run on the bank. The aggrandized certificates of drop in actuality angry business.

The present arrangement of currency, however, is based on debt. The added money, governments, bodies and corporations borrow the added money is accessible in the bazaar to run business and people’s domiciliary budgets. If there are no new loans generated and there are no outstanding loans at all there artlessly is no money in circulation. The Federal Assets Arrangement ( FRS ) would abort all the bill it could lay its easily on- -and it can lay its easily on a lot of of the money in circulation.

This debt-based bill arrangement was put in aftereffect in the year 1915, calm with the acceptance of the 16th Alteration to the Constitution and the federal assets tax laws and regulations- -the Internal Acquirement Account ( IRS ).

The acceptance of these three measures in accession to the already adopted Federal Assets Arrangement is apparent affidavit of cabal of able cyberbanking abstracts and adopted admiral in US government adjoin the bodies of America. It acquired the enslavement of the American bodies through accession of debt owed to our betrayers through a arrangement of bill that automatically, in a rather abbreviate time, can accompany the nation to irreparable cyberbanking ruination. The civic debt is aloft ascendancy and growing in leaps and bound daily.

In fact, I heard a televised account casting in the abatement of 1995 that arise that Congress had declared the US government bankrupt. The United States of America is now in receivership to the Federal Assets System. The United States of America still abide in name alone but the ballast of the foundation of the US, the chargeless bodies of America, has been enslaved. The Constitution is now alone a means, or a prop of advertising to accomplish the bodies accept they still accept a nation and that as bodies they are still free. It is a lie.

Without chargeless bodies there artlessly is no United States of America.

What does debt angle for? It stands for a admeasurement of enslavement to the article a getting owes the debt to; abnormally if one is clumsy to accord the debt! How did we, the people, get into this astronomic debt? The debt was created from actually nothing.

For example, say, you ask a coffer for a $1000.00 loan. The coffer may not actually accept this aggregate of money in deposit. But that is no problem; the coffer artlessly requests that $1000.00 in bills accept to be printed. This takes a little time. This aeon of time happens to accompany appealing able-bodied with the time it takes for your appeal to be approved. But on what ascendancy is the money printed?

There are no backing to aback the money that was printed. What actually backed the appeal to book the money is your agreement to pay aback the money additional absorption over a assertive aggregate of time. You, as borrower, ‘is’ that authority; yet, you are ashore accepting to pay the absorption on the loan, you are aswell ashore to accomplish the promised payments on time and aswell ashore with accepting the acreage you purchased through the use of that accommodation broke on you if you default. Not alone did you agreement to pay aback the money you asked for, but your agreement aswell accustomed new bill to be printed and aswell gave the coffer ascendancy to accept added money printed than you asked for. See, you accept to pay the absorption on money the coffer created out of attenuate air on your authority.

How was bill created afterwards 1915? Debt-based money came in apportionment because government got the nation instantly into an big-ticket war about a could could could cause that actually did not affair us at all and government never paid aback the money it borrowed. Afterwards that war US government got the nation complex in any war it could deceive the bodies to advice it fight. Also, government consistently overruns its account aboveboard and appropriately needs to borrow on a big scale. It allows astronomic barter deficits every year that it never intends to pay aback either. You can see that US government advisedly destroyed the alternative and cyberbanking adeptness of the nation and of the bodies over the endure century.

How did the wars the US got complex in get into being? These wars were planned abaft the scenes by US government and its abettor the FRS and the governments of the opposing nation(s). Then, the bodies were bamboozled to abutment government’s answer wars through arrant systems of lies/propaganda so camp that it goes aloft people’s adeptness to accept and understand. The bodies believed their administering admiral and helped activity the wars. The bodies were herded through able and artful advertising to activity wars that even admitting America won on the activity fields yet acquired them to lose their civic and claimed freedoms through the accession of debts these wars caused.

I consistently analyze these planned wars amid peoples of altered nations and cultures to erect fights in arenas area the cocks are affronted adjoin anniversary added to activity to the afterlife of one of them. Truly, there is no difference. Nations of bodies are like angry cocks/roosters that activity wars for the amusement of the admiral that own them and that plan and ascendancy every accident of accent in the world.

News broadcasts are agency of overextension advertising that binds the minds of the masses to the will of the hidden government. It is said that advertising forms the attitude of the bodies targeted by the advertising and makes accommodating robots of them to do the behest of those who plan and assassinate the systems of propaganda- -government.

These three measures allowable in 1915 go duke in duke to anatomy a arrangement of enslavement. The 16th alteration and the assets tax are the accoutrement to ascendancy and accomplish the arrangement of debt-based currency. A decade beforehand US government accustomed the achievement of a privately-controlled debt-based cyberbanking system. In the decade above-mentioned the achievement of the complete debt-based currency, all the requirements, laws and rules all-important to run an able debt-based bill were formed out abaft the scenes so that aloft acceptance of the aloft mentioned three measures the arrangement became anon in activated effect. It took some fifteen years to abolish the aggregate of the value-based bill from circulation. The planned abundant economical abasement of 1929 saw to it that the butt of value-based bill was removed as well.

At the end of the anteroom arch to all the appointment centers in Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina is an continued photo of the achievement banquet assuming a abundant anteroom in this auberge and abounding of the associates of this cabal adulatory their achievement of the official acceptance by Congress and the bodies of these three measures! This photo cannot possibly appearance any added interpretation. The subscript says they ere all from Washington, DC.

It accept to be acclaimed that the Federal Assets Arrangement and its lath of admiral is aloft the ascendancy and administration of US government. It is an actually complete academy based on a abreast controlled trust. The admiral of the arrangement are the advisers of the trust. This lath of advisers works for the beneficiaries of the trust. It is not about accepted who these advisers are; but be abiding they exist.

The Federal Assets Arrangement was inaugurated on the affiance that the arrangement would balance and adapt US business and the currency. The arrangement is accepted as “a guided economy”. As we accept accomplished over about a hundred years, the Federal Assets Lath did not reside up to its agreements on which the arrangement was based. This lath of Advisers is alone alive out its own abstruse calendar afterwards any absorption to business and people.

It is a acclaimed assumption a allotment of bankers and financiers that the article that controls the bill of a nation controls the adeptness in that nation. So, the bodies absent alternative and ascendancy over government by government appointment ascendancy of our bill to deceitful, complete clandestine parties.

This, again, proves the complete abnormality of democracy. You as voters are so cunningly bamboozled by your politicians that your vote works adjoin you rather than for you. You are so apprenticed of what you are doing, politically, that by voting you prove to be your own affliction enemy- -because you vote in complete benightedness of the adeptness and cunning of armament abaft the scenes.

This accomplished book reminds me acerb of the book that played itself off in paradise amid Woman and the serpent. There is no agnosticism in my apperception that US government is a antagonistic serpent as well. US government bamboozled the bodies as altogether as the serpent bamboozled Woman in paradise.

Artificially created bread-and-butter depressions or bread-and-butter recessions are the could could could cause that huge corporations like above car companies, airlines and aliment companies go belly-up and are taken over by foreign-owned concerns.

That is the way the concrete cosmos has been run as continued as animal beings were entered into it. You consistently are your own affliction adversary because you act afterwards anytime alive what actually is traveling on. You never apperceive what you are accomplishing and what the abiding after-effects are of you actions. The reason, of course, is ambidexterity perpetrated in your assurance of others who pretend to be accurate but, instead, are cunning, afflicted liars.

You can actualize bill also. If you accept a analysis from A you can accomplish over the analysis to B and he can do so to C. This is the honest way because no one accuse interest. The FRS does. There is the viper in the grass.

In the concrete ambiance what you accept seems accurate until you acquisition out (if you are lucky) that you accept been bamboozled again. There are so abundantly abounding schemes of lies out there that you cannot accessible accept what you are accomplishing at any accustomed moment. You actually act in complete darkness.

This, by the way, is so for everyone- -the deceivers and the bamboozled because through reincarnations you will consistently barter roles like in a bold of agreeable chairs. The acumen for this is for your physique to apprentice and accept airy ramifications of truths you spurned if your souls (your complete selves) were actually acquainted in accurate reality. The acceptance in canard will tumble anyone instantly out of the branch of accurate absoluteness into a apocryphal absoluteness that has its ballast in the lies you believe.

Truly, he who controls the bill of a nation and accordingly aswell controls the advertising arrangement is king; and he who controls the spiritual advertising arrangement and thereby altitude abounding airy entities is god over them in a branch of spiritual make-believe.

The cosmos is such a airy branch of make-believe; and our bluff and god is this one who goes by such names as Yahweh, Jehovah, Brahman, Allah, etc. We as physique entities accept been taken in by a cunning and artful spirit, and we were led abroad from accurate absoluteness into a basic branch of make-believe. We, all, are there now- -in concrete reality, captives in the alone hell there is.

In adjustment to anon actualize debt-based bill US government advisedly affianced the United States in Apple War I to actualize an alibi for government to borrow huge sums of money. It was the alpha of the US Civic debt- -a debt which is owed to the Federal Assets System. Apple War I was the ardent alpha of apportionment of debt-based currency.

The aggrandized aggregate of the bill based on debt is, I am not actually sure, aswell several times the alive debt outstanding. US government farmed out albatross for our budgetary arrangement beneath a set of agreements in arrangement to which the Federal Assets Arrangement operates. The aggrandizement of the debt-based bill is controlled by clauses in this contract. This aggrandized bill stimulates added business and, supposedly, does not could could could cause accidental aggrandizement in prices or shortages of products.

The Abundant Cyberbanking Blast of 1929 was advisedly engineered and acquired by the Federal Assets Arrangement ( FRS ) to abolish value-based bill from apportionment and to actualize a acute charge for business and clandestine citizens to borrow money to added business and domiciliary needs- -a bill now based on debt.

The cyberbanking blast of 1929 aswell gave government the befalling to authorize the Amusing Aegis Arrangement to, mostly, agreement government-sponsored retirement payments to anybody who retired from a abounding activity time of work, and it aswell created systems of accumulated article anecdotic numbers and clandestine citizens’ identification numbers- -in the closing case we alarm these numbers amusing aegis numbers. Originally, this aggregate was actual clandestine and no one could beset you to acknowledge it, but today about all cyberbanking and accumulated institutions will appeal this aggregate in adjustment to be active or to accept cyberbanking services.

This assigned amusing aegis number, for government purposes, replaces a person’s accustomed name and ancestors name. Government, and by that I beggarly the Federal Assets System, knows you alone by this number. The above appulse of the Amusing Aegis Arrangement for anybody is that a person’s cachet of chargeless citizens was voluntarily afflicted to “ward of the state”- -comparable to number-identified activity banal on a ranch. By the accompaniment acceptable the citizens’ administrator government, and by this I beggarly afresh the Federal Assets Arrangement through the Internal Acquirement Account ( IRS ), has been accustomed ascendancy and adeptness over all our affairs.

The 2nd WW was advisedly created to accord the above nations in the apple a agency to borrow debt-based bill on grand-scale, to advance civic governments’ adeptness and to access ascendancy over the diplomacy and assets of the people.

The Cold War was artificially created in cabal with the USSR to acquiesce government to borrow huge funds from the FRS; abundant of which was accustomed abroad as adopted aid to abounding countries and the debts these funds created were never paid off but were just added to the over-all US civic debt.

There has never been an article in the cosmos that so rampantly and irresponsibly adopted money and got abroad with hardly anytime paying a penny aback as US government. US government artlessly fabricated the American bodies amenable for its own capricious actions. That is the acumen that you are now apprenticed to the FRS and International budgetary Fund ( IMF) and accept the Internal acquirement Account ( IRS ) on your backs as your bondservant manager.

Here again, the civic banks are the complete but hidden governments of the nations. What we alarm governments, now-a-days, are administration institutions in the account of the privately-held Federal Assets System//National Banks. I absorption the Federal Assets Arrangement as the complete government abaft the foreground of US government.

Now, actuality is the arrangement acclimated to actualize a recession. The Federal assets Arrangement ( FRS ) begins to abort abundant added bill than it renews. This creates a curtailment of money in the economy. Because of the curtailment beneath new loans are accepted and accordingly abundant beneath new bill is issued. This added decreases the curtailment of bill and stops people’s adeptness to acquirement items on credit; which in about-face causes a slump in assembly and services.

Businesses cannot account their outstanding bills and are afflicted to lay-off personnel. Abounding businesses will go into defalcation and appropriately added bodies are afterwards jobs. Jobless bodies accept to absence on abounding loans on TVs, cars, boats, insurances of all kinds, and the abounding added things bodies accomplish payments on. These things deepen the abasement because the cyberbanking institutions do not accept the payments they charge to break in business. This will abide to a point bent by the FRS if a lot of of its goals accept been reached.

See, how abundantly simple it is to actualize an bread-and-butter abasement or recession if you accept finagled to defended the adeptness to ascendancy a nation’s currency. You can see US government’s unforgivable answerability in this situation.

The point of turn-around of the abridgement is based on a assertive allotment of abbreviating of the over-all calm money supply. If this point is accomplished the greatest aggregate of complete bodies accept absent the above allotment of their wealth. This was the FRS’ purpose to alpha the bread-and-butter recession in the aboriginal place.

So, if a nation’s bill is based on debt one can be abiding that bread-and-butter depressions will activity at approved intervals. It, all, is done to acquiesce the adept to be adept by manipulating the affluence and assembly of the bodies in the nation. What, after-all, is the use of getting adept if one does not apply one’s adeptness over the apprenticed rabble?

Another austere aftereffect of an bread-and-butter recession is acquired by the Internal Acquirement Code ( IRC ) and The Internal Acquirement Account ( IRS ). If you accomplish over a $100,000.00 per year you pay a acceptable allotment of it in taxes, unless you reinvest abundant of your balance in, supposedly, accepted tax-shelters.

For bodies on the advancement ambit of becoming assets there are some opportunities accustomed by the Inter Acquirement Account to apartment your balance from taxes. You are accustomed to abstract the absorption on the mortgage of your home. Appropriately abounding bodies buy actual big-ticket backdrop with hardly any down payment. This produces a big deductable account on the assets tax forms.

Another archetype is to buy rental acreage on which one can accomplish huge address offs for tax purposes. For example, abounding bodies buy rental backdrop acute big loans to defended appellation and accept to absorb lots of money in tax-deductible costs in adjustment to anticipate the Internal Acquirement Account ( IRS ) from avaricious their money. These individuals owning claimed and rental backdrop are now acutely accessible to a Federal Assets Lath planned recession because home owners and renters accept been laid off and are in absence on home and hire payments.

Therefore, these bodies cannot accomplish payments to the lending academy and the backdrop are broke on by the banks. Abounding bodies may be abandoned or see their assets abeyant abandon like snow in the sun. If there are no sales in business the incomes of abounding white-collar workers are acutely affected. This affects their adeptness to pay their account bills.

In a abasement huge numbers of acreage are broke aloft and are for sale. Actual few can acquiesce to acquirement the broke backdrop because money is acutely tight; and whatever accession one has invested in backdrop anchored by a mortgage afresh abandon in the pettiness from which the loans were originally pulled.

Financial institutions cannot accommodate funds because of all the defaults in mortgage accommodation payments. Cyberbanking institutions will appropriately accept huge inventories of cars, boats complete estate, etc. that they cannot get rid off afterwards experiencing huge losses. Thus, abreast organized banks will go broke as well.

Those captivation added kinds of (mortgaged) investments cannot advertise them unless at abundant loss. An bread-and-butter abasement will appropriately edge about to aching about every one.

In the present bread-and-butter abasement US government pumped 1 affluence dollars into the all-embracing economy. Area do you anticipate that money came from? It was created and lent from attenuate air and printed while the affluence dollars debt and the annual prime amount in absorption absorbed to it were artlessly added to the US civic debt. No problem, Government is the Astrologer of OZZ, but it never pays aback the loans. So this government’s cyberbanking advice turns out to be a beneath alternation amid your leg and the adamant ball.

The botheration with the debt-based money arrangement is that loaned money is created from attenuate air but already the accommodation exists it is admired as if the debt was underwritten by accurate gold. The debt will not clear like baptize from a lake. The baptize (debt) is arctic and not a atom of it is accustomed to escape. In the archetype of a lake, baptize advisedly comes into it through the activity of precipitation; and some of the baptize calm in the basin is accustomed to clear to accompany the accession of baptize captivated as breath in the atmosphere. This is not so with the civic debt. It was created from annihilation but already it exists as civic debt it is like the rocks in the earth. It al of a sudden acquired complete substance- -through a activity of cyberbanking and antipodal book-keeping hocus-pocus.

If you are not in-the-know about these things you will consistently be betrayed by those in whom you placed your assurance and you will be like lambs led to be slaughtered.

This set-up, folks, is what the FRS considers “guided economy”. Every so generally those with ample accession are afar from their funds like fattened and collapsed chickens are bare of their feathers.

Once the goals of their affairs accept been accomplished the FRS will aggrandize the money accession and acquiesce business to aggrandize forth a afflicted advancement ambit but with a new army of abeyant ‘heavies’ gluttonous control. If the recession is over a lot of anybody accept to alpha over from scratch.

However, addition aftereffect of an bread-and-butter abasement is that abounding aforetime financially complete association are now dejected, in cerebral abasement and are as poor as abbey mice while a new, adolescent and added active accession of entrepreneurs will alpha to actualize an affluence of affluence for themselves.

This anew accomplished agglomeration of youngsters, accepting added appetite and audacity than those who absent a lot of of their assets, now accept the befalling to become wealthy; and if they accede themselves set for activity the FRS creates addition bread-and-butter recession, etc, etc and strips them of their wealth. In the present ambiance of cabal amid the FRS and government, no one can win assuredly added than the FRS and its beneficiaries. These beneficiaries own the accomplished start-up and accomplish annihilation but profits.

Your cyberbanking and cerebral fate rests actually in the ability and adeptness of the civic coffer of your nation and that fate will bloom and become afore you are of retirement age. The governments of the world, now, are no added than agents of these abreast held, untouchable, civic banks. You can vote until you arise to accept amethyst and gold in your countenance, but it will do not a individual bit of acceptable in authoritative the complete government of your nation. The accurate governments of the nations, the civic banks, are defended from the vagaries of the voting process. Your vote is account actually nothing!

Today, these civic banks are affiliated into a individual physique accepted as the IMF- -the International Budgetary Fund. The bodies of the apple were artlessly apprenticed by their governments to the civic banks afterwards annihilation accepting been paid for their enslavement. It is a grosser abduction than the anarchy and antipathetic active in Russia and of Negroes uprooted from their built-in clay and awash into bullwork all over the apple afterwards annihilation of aggregate accepting getting paid in return.

The alone address in which I can see accretion from the enslaving butt of the IMF and its affiliate civic banks is if the debt created by the businesses and the bodies of a country is endemic by a truly, people-controlled government (I beggarly controlled in actuality by the people). The arrangement of bill cannot be captivated by clandestine parties. If we would accept this arrangement there would be no purpose to embroil the bodies in a connected advance of wars and bread-and-butter recessions.

If the debt is controlled by a actually people-controlled government afresh the debt can be artlessly evaporated even as private, debt-based affluence is now evaporated through bogus abetment of the economy. The civic debt could consistently be declared non-existent by government activity so that no one will feel a loss, but instead will accept a renewed aplomb in government. The debt-based currency, afterwards all, exists alone to conduct and added business a allotment of ourselves. Already the purpose of the nationally accepted loans is accomplished there is no charge to accumulate them on the books.

Debt would afresh drive the debt-based bill and economy, but debt would not be an enslaving agency because the bodies are the debtors and the owners of the debt. In truth, in the present arrangement they are the owners of the debt aswell because the debtors are the underwriters of the conception of the currency. The botheration is that the bodies do not apperceive that. Such a new arrangement would be wholesome and would animate business and the accession of clandestine affluence afterwards affliction anyone.

We would appropriately no best appointment the ridiculously top debts the nations owe the civic banks. The Federal Assets System, in fact, would be a valid, answerable administration in a servant-based government that is wholly controlled by a governing, voting public. We would afresh accept a republic rather than a abortive democracy. Government would be in accurate adeptness afterwards the innumerable abyss that now adumbrate in, about and abaft the scenes of government.

Presently, you are physically as apprenticed and as absolutely abandoned in your enslavement as the Negro disciplinarian were some two hundred years ago. The disciplinarian in America begin their redeemer in President Lincoln and all of you today may accept a redeemer in my writings.

My writings will acquaint you of your concrete and airy entrapment. I use concrete altitude alone as examples to appearance how absolutely entrapped we are in our physique entities. Remember, the airy branch is for complete and appropriately your physique exists. If your physique is real, what, possibly, can be your concrete article but a daydream of physique in spirit! Either the concrete ambiance is complete or the airy ambiance is real.

The cosmos cannot be complete because aggregate in it dies, deteriorates or vanishes- -including the apple and the blast that accommodate it, according to Jesus- -and new things arise in their places. Apperceive that Jesus is right; the cosmos had a alpha and it absolutely will accept its end! And no one knows if that will be! Is that not strange? It proves that anyone is arena chicane with our airy minds.

An archetype of things that vanish can be a affairs you are watching on TV. While you are watching the affairs the electricity goes out and the affairs you are watching vanishes into complete nothingness. The cosmos is as apish an article as the TV affairs you were watching. It seems to be there but it can vanish afterwards warning.

I am a airy redeemer. I accustomed my compassionate from Jesus of Nazareth’s words in ambience with some of the writings of Moses accustomed in the alpha of the book of Genesis and through an abominable lot of claimed study, acquaintance and acumen acquired in this life. Jesus’ teaching could not redeem us afore because we as soul-entities were too absorbed in getting animal to anytime be acquainted of our reality-shattering accompaniment of airy enslavement, apparition or even aberration.

Our airy actuality has been hidden in betrayals of absoluteness aural a basic absoluteness aural added basic realities. In our airy actuality we accept absent our character in accurate absoluteness and are now possibly absent always in basic apperception delusions. The god we apperceive as bodies and as souls is our bluff and enslaver, even as the cyberbanking wizards in cabal with governments, presently, are our deceivers and enslavers.

I was spiritually guided to accept the acceptation and purpose of the complete disability of concrete activity and I accept been accustomed time to acquaint you of your condition. I gave it all to you in books and articles. I accept not abundant time left. I am in old age and I will not be a allotment of you actual abundant longer.

Some of you will heed my words and acquisition cyberbanking alternative in this activity and airy alternative as souls in spirit. The blow of you will eventfully go down, calm with all the absolutely spiritually apprenticed into the hell of irredeemable airy actuality as agrarian and bolter animals in a basic ambience of concrete nature- -the achievability of airy compassionate and accretion absent forever.

The greatest botheration we accept as bodies is that we aberration our complete enemies for accompany and our accurate accompany as enemies or as bodies one accept to not yield too seriously; and, also, that we abash our accurate airy ancestor with a deceiver.

That is because our enemies accept bright tongues but our accurate accompany acquaint us the truth.

Those who will never appear in acquaintance with my writings will accept an alibi because they never knew any better; but readers of my writings who apathy the accuracy of their action presented in my online writing and books are afterwards excuse. Aloft your concrete expiration, whether you are of the clergy, a lay person, an agnostic or a able cyberbanking wizard, there will be no advice for you ever. Your religious behavior or your by-propaganda-ingrained claimed stances against airy absoluteness and against concrete activity anatomy your sole claimed and airy prisons.

My writings deserve your abounding attention, application and absorption in extensive a accommodation about your fate as a acquainted article physically and as a absent physique spiritually.